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Directed and curated by Cristina Mendanha and Paulo Henrique


© 2019   Braga International Video dance Festival

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Braga International Video Dance Festival  is a platform for diffusion, learning and development of artistic work with focus on the body and technology using VideoDance as means of expression. Contemporary artistic performative practices constitute privileged spaces for innovative interdisciplinary works, for sharing and dialogue, as well as contestation and tension, which deconstruct the boundaries of traditional performances and create new paradigms of emerging practices and discourses in today's world.   However, this interest in the study of the interface between performance and technologies reflects the contemporary tendency of  performing arts to  interact with other disciplinary systems, integrating the technologies in their practice.   The challenge we pose is the reflection on the concepts "performance" and "performativity" that have invaded transversely several areas of theoretical and practical knowledge, creating a shared conceptual atmosphere.   Projects that include linking knowledge, diluting  borders between arts, disciplines and technologies, and focusing on everyday and contemporary practices  are therefore valued.  In future editions the selected videos screening  will be online. 


hosted by ARTE TOTAL

Directed and curated by Cristina Mendanha and Paulo Henrique




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